Signs of Growth

How I know if I’m still learning & pushing my limits:

  • 🦋Butterflies in stomach?
  • 💦Sweaty palms?
  • 💗Elevated heart rate?
  • 🥱Yawning?

Rate of learning can be measured by qualitative and quantitative measures. One of my favorite methods is recognizing the feelings that I have when I’m pushing myself: discomfort, nervousness, anxiety. The frequency of these emotions are a good measurement for me that I’m pushing my limits. The more frequently I feel these, the more likely it is that I’m learning rapidly.

While all of these emotions are symptoms of anxiety, they also signal excitement. The thrill of approaching something unknown, where the outcome is uncertain, the path and process are unclear, and I’ve never encountered the situation before, is precisely what I want. The more of these moments, the better.

That is my zone. That is where I want to spend more time. That’s where I test my limits. That’s when I learn.

When these emotions are missing, I know I need a change. Unless I feel these frequently, my speed of learning is insufficient.

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“Butterflies in stomach? Sweaty palms? Elevated heart rate? Yawning? Great! Then I’m still learning!"