We all have learnt how to answer email on Sundays, but none of us have learnt to go to the movies on Monday afternoon. Ricardo Semler, CEO of Semco Partners

I could go to the movies on a Monday afternoon, but I never have. Worse than that, I would have judged others for that rather than find the flaw in my thinking.

Since reading Semler’s Maverick, I have gone to the movies on a Friday afternoon, had a two-hour lunch with my wife on a Wednesday, and taken calls from my home gym. Zero people at work noticed. The only thing stopping me was myself.

Here’s a challenge: do something you would criticize in others.

Just considering doing something I would criticize helps me find justifications. It’s innate to think we are right in our actions despite critiquing others for the same thing.

Choosing “I should try that” over “They shouldn’t do that” fosters a positive, inclusive, and happier environment. It encourages considering the positives and prevents quick judgments.

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