Juggling Health, Work, and Relationships

“Choose two: Health, Work, Relationships”

Health, work, and relationships. I can only improve at two of the three at any given time. It took me over 34 years to accept this.

I don’t abandon the third, but it stands still (at best) while the others move forward.

Lately, I have been neglecting work. Before that, it was health. Prior to that it was relationships. I haven’t been mindful of this long enough to know if I rotate through these in order. Regardless of what period I think about, I have only been able to improve on two of these at the same time.

I can show up everyday for each of these, but I cannot excel in all three simultaneously. The difference between now and before is that I accept this as a reality. I choose which of the three is not a priority at a given time. My hypothesis is that consciously making that choice and periodically reviewing it must be better than always frantically chasing all three.

I wanted to share this idea in case you too have been trying to optimize all three simultaneously. I’m focusing by giving myself a break on one area and seeing if it delivers better results!

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