Benefits of Journaling

I journaled every day for 270 days. Here are the three main benefits ⤵️

  • 📈Increased productivity
  • 🥇Improved prioritization
  • 🔍Micro-improvements on daily actions

Increased productivity 📈

The increase in productivity came from being more focused in the evenings. When I have downtime in the evening, I write my journal entry. This results in clarity on what my future self wants me to do today. Instead of mindlessly scrolling or consuming, I guide myself to spend time on things I value.

Improved prioritization 🥇

The improvement in prioritization came from journaling when unsure of what to do next. Instead of mulling over the things I “should” do (and get nothing done), I journal about the things circling in my head. Within minutes, I have a clear priority and rationale. My shorthand is to start from the most uncomfortable task - my discomfort indicates value.

Micro-improvements on daily actions 🔍

I discovered micro-improvements from documenting my daily actions and results. I now have data to check how my actions have affected outcomes. For example, I looked at what I did in the mornings when our toddler napped for >90 minutes. The data answered that the more physically active she was in the morning, the longer her nap.

Try journaling for three weeks 📌

  1. It takes 5-10 minutes per day.
  2. Review the reward-effort ratio after 21 days.
  3. If you don’t see enough value in three weeks, quit!

Each time I journal, it sharpens my thinking.

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