How to Teach a New Skill

Four steps to teach a toddler or an employee a new skill ⤵

  1. Show her how it’s done 👀 (she observes)
  2. Do it with her help 🔦 (she tries to help)
  3. Help her do it 🛠 (she does it and your help ensures success)
  4. She does it without help 👏 (you observe)

Depending on the task and the starting skill level, it may take five tries or five hundred tries, but these are the required steps. The parent/manager just needs to keep repeating the step the toddler/employee is on until the fourth step becomes consistent. Someone will be stuck on the first level for a long time, while someone else might breeze through the first two steps and try two hundred times before getting through the third step.

The cheat codes for speeding up the process are:

  • Caring for the toddler/employee ❤️
  • Encouragement, praise, and guidance 🙌
  • Patience 🧘‍♂️

To be honest, I’m not sure if patience only makes it seem like the learning happens faster!

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