Home Gym

Why I love my gym: No queuing ️🚷, No music 🔇, No monthly fee 💰, Open 24/7 🏪, From couch to gym in 60s

What if building a home gym was the key to workout consistency? Explore my space-saving setup, where determination meets convenience. By investing in a home gym, you can say goodbye to missed workouts and hello to a healthier life!

Here is what I have in my home gym ⤵️

  • Barbell 20 kg
  • Bumber plates 157.5 kg
  • Adjustable weight dumbbells
  • Concept 2 rower
  • Flat bench
  • Squat stands
  • Accessories (e.g., jump rope, bands, lifting belt, wrist straps)

When planning for a home gym, my biggest fear was that I would not use the equipment if I bought it. That’s why I bought all the equipment one by one from Facebook and other peer-to-peer marketplaces. I spent about 1200 € for everything in my gym. As a comparison, the nearest gym is 500 meters away and charges 124 € per month.

While a commercial gym has some equipment I don’t have, the convenience (no need to get dressed in the winter, 60 seconds from couch to gym, 24/7 access, etc.) is more valuable than having extra equipment. My space for working out is small (1.2 m x 5m), yet it is enough.

My gym has allowed me to increase my workout consistency. I have had a streak of 220 consecutive days with a workout because of the home gym. There isn’t an excuse to miss a day at home unless I’m too sick to train (like in the past week).

If you choose health as a focus, you might as well lower the bar for working out!

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