How I Think About Change

The following quote is from the book On Tranquility of Mind by Plutarch.

“Just as a shoe is useless to the foot that it doesn’t fit, life is useless to a soul that doesn’t match its character. Life, like a shoe, molds itself around the shape of your thoughts and deeds, not the other way around."

Does the shoe shape itself to the foot, or does the foot shape itself to the shoe?

In the short and medium term, the shoe will take the shape of the foot. But keep stuffing your feet into the same type of shoes for years, and the small bones in your feet will start to shape according to the shoe.

My takeaway

While the current state prevails over the short and medium term, with long-term execution, we can change the unchangeable.

It’s possible to mold the feet to fit the shoes, just like it’s possible to shape yourself to do what today seems impossible.

If there’s a large change, it will take a long time. I just start small and don’t stop.

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